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Nusajaya has the vision to be one of the most liveable and well-connected cities in the world. A Connected Intelligent Community (CIC), i.e. the concept of comfort, convenience, community and security, is one of the key prerequisites to realizing this vision. To bring the realization of the CIC, the Smart & Connected Nusajaya City module by Cisco has been chosen to spearhead this digital community of the future. It will be implemented in phases for the next ten years.

A Smart & Connected Nusajaya City will enable residents to use modern (ICT) in interacting with each other.

In July 2011, Iskandar Investment Berhad (IIB), UEM Sunrise Berhad and Cisco signed a collaborative agreement to plan and implement the Smart & Connected Nusajaya City of Nusajaya.

In cooperation with Cisco, there will be a consortium of local and international IT experts such as Mesiniaga and KT u-City Consulting to develop the Smart+Connected City infrastructure and services.

2012 also saw us working towards realising the Smart & Connected Nusajaya Nusajaya Master Plan by collaborating with several strategic partners. A collaborative agreement was inked between UEM Sunrise, IIB, Telekom Malaysia Berhad ("TM"), Centios Co Ltd from Korea and Cisco System International BV to jointly explore opportunities for providing smart city services, including the potential establishment of a Managed Services Operating Company and a Global Innovation Centre in Nusajaya. This initiative was further supported by a separate agreement between UEM Sunrise, IIB and TM, for the planning, development, operation and maintenance of communication infrastructure and services for Nusajaya.

A Smart & Connected Nusajaya City will enable residents to use modern information communication technology (ICT) in interacting with each other for social, professional and personal purposes. Each resident will be connected in many ways using a minimal number of electronic devices with various applications that will enable living in Nusajaya to be comfortable, safe, and convenient.

Imagine how exciting and easy life could be in Nusajaya. A smart and connected city that brings together out-of-home services into your living room, from ordering pizzas via your TV sets, to having medical consultations with your personal doctor via video link–all done without leaving home.

A fusion of the right ingredients such as government support and participation, visionary corporate leadership and an ecosystem of experts will make the Smart & Connected Nusajaya City of Nusajaya a reality in the not too distant future.